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"Artifacts of Memory" Series

Drawing on random, vivid memories from my life, I create large-scale paintings using psychologically compelling narratives that are slices of twentieth century life with a surreal, “film noir” quality. By sharing my stories in these painterly oil paintings using vivid colors and a dramatic, moody ambience, I hope to draw the viewer in by creating archetypical spaces that resonate with their own experiences.


These pieces tend to bring on an emotional response that is different for each person. The stories can be interpreted many ways, and I am fascinated and often surprised by the responses people have to them. I also love the challenge of working strictly from memory, constructing visually cohesive compositions by trusting my skills as an artist, designer, and storyteller. It is an indescribable experience to access my younger self and delve into her feelings, reactions, and distinctive perspective on the world she inhabited.

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